Family Farming

It’s a grassroots thing with the people and farmers of Ireland


It’s a grass roots thing with the people and farmers of Ireland with agricultural production based on a network of 120,000 holdings ranging from small part-time farms to medium sized family run enterprises.. Ireland has a long standing heritage in beef farming. Farms are traditional and family owned, passed from generation to generation, as is the craft and love of livestock farming, with herds built up and improved and refined over generations. Our farmers believe that food is best when it is simple and natural.

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All about Irish Beef

Traditional farming methods are combined with the latest technologies to help farmers produce beef that is sustainable, flavourful and nutritious.

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The Grass Fed Standard from Bord Bia

The Grass-Fed Standard is the world’s first independently verified standard on a national scale, which allows Irish processors to track and verify the percentage of grass consumed in the diet of Irish beef herds.