Grasstronomy Farm

Irish Beef

At Grasstronomy Farm, the flavor definitely shows where the best grass grows – all thanks to the abundant Irish pastures and delectable beef from our nutrient rich grasslands.

However there’s more to the “Grasstronomy” than just flavorsome Irish beef. Grasstronomy is how we describe the Irish attitude to food – good, natural, simple and utterly delicious. In other words, it’s about bringing the very best of the great green Irish outdoors to the kitchen table.

Deep Traditions

father-sonWhile climate and geology are important, history and culture have a place too. Cattle have been a part of Irish landscape for over 5,000 years and their presence has helped shape the political, social and cultural fabric of the country.

Family Farms

Irish cattle farming is based on a network of 43,000 small farms. These holdings have been passed on over the centuries from generation to generation, as has the craft and the love of livestock farming. Cattle are cherished in Ireland- they are the core of Irish farming, with farmers taking great pride in the continual improvement of their stock.